What is it that people like about beer? I hope to eventually be able to answer that question for you. I have been drinking beer for a very long time and no I don’t plan to put a number on that. As a child I was always sneaking Beer from my Dad as were many of you I imagine. I can’t seem to locate the one photo I have, most likely absconded by my mother. No I was not being allowed to drink , I was just very good at sneaking a sip here and there. Back in the day most family parties had a keg of beer and yes I was even better at filling a glass with no one ever noticing.

Today I still have a taste for Beer and find it a fun part of my Travel Adventures. I am a Travel Agent and visit many places for my Business. One of the best parts of this is finding craft breweries or trying the local brew at a bar. I started Blogging with my Travel business and enjoy writing about my travels, however when the trip is over so is the content to write about. Beer on the other hand I can always find a new variety without ever leaving the state.

Thank You all that have read this far, I am not sure how often I will post but plan to do a good amount of research both tasting and discussing, “CHEERS”.




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