Café, coffee, espresso anyway you make yours the result is the same. Invigorating, eye-opening or a cappuccino for an afternoon break, it is as different around the world as it is the same. An acquired taste that either you dislike or love, with or without milk. I have decided it’s as much fun to seek out the best local coffee during my travels as it has been locating the local beer. I wish my Starbucks app tracked my purchases on a map indefinitely. I have been all over the country and found a Starbucks nearly everywhere. I visited the original Starbucks in Seattle, Washington.


It is not nearly as frequent to find local coffee roasters with specialty shops but more are popping up around the country. Here in our area we have Stagecoach Coffee and recently they started roasting their own beans. I like their house blend, which is a very dark roast, we don’t have a local Starbucks. I do have a few other favorite brews. In Jamaica the minute we get off the ship, the first thing I do, is get coffee. I also found the local coffee shop in Juneau, Alaska and we started occasionally ordering Ravens Brew and a few others.


What’s not to love, the bags are hilarious and the coffee is great as well. Most recently we were in La Romana, Dominican Republic and brought back a pound of coffee, they do not serve cold milk in coffee there only hot milk like we would have a steamer or latte here in the states. The name of the brew was El Cibao from Cafeteria Cafe El Cibao , if interested they have a Facebook page ( cafeteria cafe el ciao ) .


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