PEI Brewing and Gahan 

Today was brew tour number two. As part of our wonderful hotel package we were treated to a tour of the PEI Brewery in PEI , Canada. 

We were almost late arriving and had not eaten all day, not the best way to start.

We start with a taste then head up to the tour. We are given the history of the company and how the demand for the Gahan Beer was so high they needed a larger facility to increase production and started the PEI location. 

Next we received a lesson on flavoring the beer. The process is very similar for all the breweries I have visited with a few minor details unique. The best part of Gahan is, it’s all natural. I really didn’t need any more excuses to enjoy my beer, but lets say I told you so.

We toured the rest of this small brewery and then finished with another drink and our glasses were a gift. Thanks again for another brewery off my list.

We will call this Beer Porn….. 


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