Today we will test Blind Faith by Magic Hat Brewing Company. I have a new ” JAM PACK” so there are several brews to test. Magic Hat is a very unique brewery located in Burlington Vermont. Burlington is a place I have featured on my Travel Blog often since it is a favorite place of mine. There are numerous craft breweries around Vermont many within a few miles.

The label on Blind Faith reads … an Ale of enlightenment, created to aid in deciphering the puzzles along life’s road. To interpret signs in the voyages of the spirit. Said to be an extremely well balanced IPA with a crisp refreshing hop bitterness and deep malt body to match.

I can not disagree, I am not a big fan of any IPA but one of my goals of this blog is to find out why so many are IPA fans. I do agree the deep malt is notable and for me cuts the bitterness that I am normally not a fan of. Most of all I really enjoy the creative names and labels Magic Hat is known for as well as their fun sayings in the bottle caps.


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