​​​Here we begin our tour of the Moosehead Facility in Saint John, New Brunswick. The wonderful old copper boilers have been mostly replaced with new stainless steel, but are the history of the place. 

Actually we started our tour , sampling. Our options were Radler a light fruity taste that has a slight grapefruit addition. Pale Ale a light ale with low alcohol content.


Moosehead Anniversary Ale is a Canadian pale ale made with 100% Canadian ingredients sourced from coast-to-coast. Truly a ‘taste of Canada’, this hop-forward pale ale is made with hops from Thompson Okanagan, British Columbia, Sainte-Anne-de-Prescott, Ontario and Moose Mountain, New Brunswick, and Canadian barley malt from Neustadt, Ontario and the Canadian Prairies.   This was my favorite ( at first).

Hop City’s Lawn Chair is a golden, hazy weissebier that’s cloudy with a chance of banana and clove. A well-balanced picnic of spice , fairy mild but flavorful.

The best part is here where we are in the storage area and about to sample the Moosehead Lager so well known in the US.

We get to taste this unpasteurized straight from the tank and ice cold, it was delicious.

I recommend the tour to anyone, our guide Stephen Buckley was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the company. 

Visit Canada and be sure to check the website Plan your visit to Saint John , New Brunswick and book your Brew Tour.


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