Game of Thrones 

l know I was on a roll with Vermont and Magic Hat, but in honor of the upcoming Game of Thrones we will shift beers. 


One of the recent winners of the NY STATE Beer competition is our very own Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown,NY. I can remember visiting the brewery when they opened their doors in 1997.

Now they are famous and brewing special batches of beer just for the HBO Series Game of Thrones. On many weekends throughout the summer they feature concerts.I can honestly say I have tried nearly every beer they brew. Since I am a fan of dark beer my recent favorite was the limited edition Joemmegang which is made with our locally roasted Stagecoach Coffee. Not to upset the brew masters but I prefer all of my beers Ice Cold not the Belgium way. Abbey Ale is also a great choice and has some spicy undertones, great for marinade and has a kick like all the Beer Ommegang brews. Another favorite is Rare Voss which they have been brewing since the beginning.

Another Brewery I have a connection to is Roscoe Beer Company in Roscoe,NY. I have been enjoying their amber Trout Town for a few years and they were the other Winners of the NY State Craft Beer Challenge. Started as a small company they have really taken off.

Photos courtesy of Ommegang facebook page.


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